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Saturday, June 20, 2009


I have enjoyed being a member of the SurveySavvy.com community and thought you might find it fun as well.

As a member, you can make a difference by participating in online surveys, focus groups, as well as other interactive studies.

SurveySavvy is unique from other online panels because of its patented referral program that gives you incentives for every survey your referrals complete and additional incentives for every survey their referrals complete. This represents growth to your account balance regardless of whether or not you actually complete any surveys!

To sign up, click on the following link:


If that doesn't work, copy and paste the link into your browser.

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About SurveySavvy.com

Since its inception in 1999, the SurveySavvy online community has grown to include business professionals and consumers in more than 195 countries around the globe. Its unique patented referral program (Patent #7194448 & Patent No. 6446044) offers its members one of the industry's most innovative ways to maximize incentives while helping to enrich and grow the community.

Friday, January 30, 2009

404 Error Page

Have you ever visited a website, but typed in the wrong
url after the domain name? What did you see?

Chances are you saw a generic page that said something
like, "The page cannot be displayed," or "Not Found,"
or "The requested URL was not found on this server."

This is what is more commonly known as the 404 Error
Page. It's the page that shows up by default when
someone 'accidentally' types in the address of the page
they are looking for on your site incorrectly.

Now, in many cases, it truly happens by mistake. However,
in many other instances, people end up on this page
because they are snooping around trying to look for your
download page or thank you page without having to pay
or opt-in. Kind of shady, but people do it.

Why, not capitalize on it whether they are doing it
purposely or they are truly ending up there by accident.
If you have your own website and it gets traffic, some
of your visitors are ending up on that page. Now, if
they are seeing the generic message that their browser
shows them when it happens, then you are not making
good use of your web real estate.

Every page of your website can put money in your pocket.
Even your 404 error page. You can customize that page
just like any other page on your website.

Some ideas to utilize on that page include:

-Making an special offer at a discounted price.
-Having it be a squeeze page.
-Making it an Adsense page.
-Redirecting it to a related affiliate product.

Those are just a few of the many different, yet profitable
types of ways you can make good use of your 404 error page.

It won't make you rich, but it definitely will put some
extra money in your account. Maybe it will help you pay
one of your bills, or you can just reinvest it into your

Either way, if you don't customize this page, you can be
leaving money on the table. Having something for your
visitors to see that end up on that page is extremely more
beneficial to you then not having anything on that page.

Here's to making good use of every page on your website.

All the best,


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